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oklahoma city, OK

Micah Hamilton is a jeweler and maker living in Oklahoma City. She creates metal jewelry, textiles, and other craftwork. 

After studying art at University of Central Oklahoma, Micah fell in love with metalsmithing. She thinks of jewelry as wearable sculpture- objects that merge art with functionality. She especially loves that jewelry pieces can hold so much emotional value, becoming cherished heirlooms. When Micah was growing up, she remembers special times when she would look through her mother's or grandmother's jewelry box and ask where each piece came from. Each jewelry piece held some sort of significance; some with a story attached to them.


She also finds much of her inspiration from the mountains, from the smaller sized Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma to the giant Rockies of Colorado. She loves scavenging various rock shops during her mountain travels for materials to use in her jewelry. 

Micah has also recently found a love for weaving and textile art. She learned the basics of weaving on a simple lap loom. Using mostly second-hand yarns, as well as some locally made yarns, she has created meticulously crafted wall hangings, pillows, etc. She has also recently began taking classes to learn to create textiles on a floor loom. She is now growing in her sewing knowledge and skill so she can turn her hand woven fabrics into wearable garments. 

Micah believes that the world has become cluttered with low-quality, mass-produced things that hold no meaning. Her goal is to replace that clutter with handcrafted work that is both beautiful and lasts a lifetime- pieces that will hold stories for the following generations. 


Warp and Weft

Micah Hamilton

I've really enjoyed the process of learning to weave over the past month or so.  After admiring the beautiful weavings of so many textile artists, I decided to try it out myself. My first attempt was during the drive to Colorado for a family vacation. I think the scenery really influenced my designs. I didn't really have a plan in mind when I started out. I just let things happen naturally. Below are some photos of the progress of my first weaving.... 

Sitting in the back seat with piles of yarn around me.

I loved this window in our cabin! Beautiful view of the mountains while I worked.

Over halfway finished. (This tiny table was so pretty. I considered stealing it.)

The finished weaving hanging from a copper dowel. Kinda wonky, but I'm pretty happy with it.

I am currently working on my second weaving. I found a big bag of beautiful yarns at a thrift store in the good ol' town of Weatherford, OK. I'm not sure what kind of yarns they are but they are soooooo soft. I'm also incorporating some silk roving I bought in a yarn shop while in Colorado last month. SO. SOFT. The process of weaving on the lap loom has been pretty time consuming- so far my weavings have taken several hours to accomplish. Although those several hours in the "weaving zone" are pretty relaxing, I'm hoping to graduate to a rigid heddle loom in the near future. Below are photos taken during the making of my second weaving....

Some new shears I found at a local Asian market. They are super sharp and super pretty.

And I'm pretty sure they're magic.

Here is a close-up of the silk roving. It's unbelievably soft! I want a bed made of this stuff.

Nearing the half-way point. I've been using a fork as a weaving comb to pack down my yarns as I weave.

This is where I am currently. I'm hoping to finish this pretty gal this week so I can photograph her for the next shop update!